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TIME PIECES, the book is a way of sharing, much better than by screen, the emotions that you can feel in front of some landscapes. It is also the opportunity to offer a beautiful object that lasts.

Through this book, I wanted to convey the feeling that I felt during these seven years of travel and photography between the 68th parallel north (Lofoten, Norway) and the 44th parallel south (New Zealand ). Photography is a medium that allows to truly enter into resonance with nature, and really soak up an atmosphere.

Be it closer to home or at the other end of the world, I try to materialize what is essentially fleeting. Shot after shot, I collected singular testimonies of the beauty of the world and was able to catch the signs of its permanent evolution.

Throughout the pages, from one continent to another, I invite you to immerse yourself fully in these suspended moments and to make this book the beginning of a shared journey.

The launch of this book was made possible through crowdfunding. More information on the project page: https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/time-pieces-le-livre

Order this book here : http://xavierbeaudouxphotographe.bigcartel.com



   Characteristics of the book

  • Number of pages : 80

  • Edition : 350 copies including 50 in a limited edition box

  • Shaping : Format 20 x 25 cm in French, cover 4 pages with flaps of 12 cm on the left and on the right, sewn square back

  • Printing : OFFSET HRUV; Cover: Hot stamping on plate I, back and plate IV, photograph attached; Inside: quadri

  • Papers : Cover : Wibalin natural 544 graphite; Inside : paper Symbol Tatami 150g

  • Printed in France under the presses of Escourbiac

  • Texts: french/english

  • ISBN: 979-10-699-0923-6

  • Legal deposit: November 2017

  • Price: 33€


   Limited edition

The limited edition box, only 50 numbered and signed copies, includes the book and an art print, it brings a final (and luxurious) touch to the book.
  • The box:
The box was specially made for the book. Adjusted to the dimensions of the book, it's personalized (branded with hot foil on the top of the box).
  • Fine Art Print:
The fine art print included in the box is 20x25cm (photography 15x15cm).

Each fine art print is limited to 30 copies numbered and signed and made on paper HAHNEMÜHLE Photo Rag® Baryta 315g.

You can choose your selection from a selection of 10 photos:

Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 1 - Wanaka tree


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 2 - Storsandnes waves


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 3 - Lofoten pool


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 4 - Balekambang temple


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 5 - Les daltons


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 6 - White stripes on black beach


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 7 - Rotoiti wharf


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 8 - Gueirua squared


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 9 - Zumaia flysch


Xavier BEAUDOUX - TIME PIECES # 10 - 100 pure New-Zealand


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