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Born in Paris in 1979 and practicing photography since 2007, my tastes and favorite subjects are quite eclectic.

Above all, behind the lens, i favour simplicity in the framing to bring out the essential and try to emphasize the graphic lines, curves and colors. When it's possible, I like to push the process to the end and give a clean side, even minimalist, to my shots.

The urban portfolio provides architectural photographs, as well as series of photographs taken in some capitals like New York, Montreal and Tokyo. You will also find pictures of Paris where I live, as well as street photography often taken during walks with my friends of the collective Regards Parisiens (http://www.regardsparisiens.com).

I both love photography and travel, which leads me more and more in search of wild countries as you can see in the Landscape portfolio. You will discover photographs taken in Normandy (France), or in photographic trips to Scotland, Iceland, New Zealand, Spain, or Lofoten islands (Norway) etc. These regions with sometimes harsh climates and changing weather conditions seduce me for the unexpected shooting conditions and for the beauty of their landscape and the lights they offer.

I particularly appreciate long exposure photography, about thirty seconds to several minutes. Using tripod and neutral density filters, it is possible to sublimate reality by creating a special atmosphere where clouds fly into the sky and the water become smooth and wispy.

Permanent exhibition:

Galerie Photo-Originale, 24 rue Molière 75001 Paris (https://www.photo-originale.com)


Finalist of the Vincennes Images Festival, 2017
Awarded in landscape category, photo contest of International Festival of Animal and Nature Photography of Montier en Der (France), 2015
Finalist in landscape category, photo contest of International Festival Nature Namur (Belgium), 2015



TIME PIECES, self-published, november 2017


Compétence photo, n° 60, august 2017
Nat'images, n° 35, december-january 2016
Landscape Photography Magazine, "photographer of the week"
Camerapixo: Photography awards #1 and #2; Hot shots: We inspire #3 #4 et #5; Nature photography

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